Karen's Tips On Social Media, Business & Doing The Work You Love!

Everything I’ve included in this training is super-easy to do. You don’t need any books, you don’t need any special knowledge and none of it is hard to understand.


These are all the things that work for me and I guarantee they will work for you too.


It’s time to tell doubt and timidness where to go and start saying a BIG YES to surefire self confidence every day!

Here's what's coming over the next 7 days! 

Day 1. Other people

Like ‘em or loathe ‘em, you can’t avoid people! But you can avoid those that aren’t good for you and who drag you down. I share how I deal with the people that don’t support me, and what you can do those type of people too.

Life is SO much better when you surround yourself with people who get you, who like you, you understand you, who respect you, who admire you, who love you, who want what you’ve got to offer!

Day 2. The right mindset

Self-confidence starts in the mind! Your thoughts have so much power over how you feel and can set you up for a successful day, or a really crappy one. This training is about paying attention to your thought and developing habits that will lead to self-confidence.

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Day 3. Taking action!

Everything starts in the mind, but there comes a point when you HAVE to take action too and take those thoughts and put them out there into the world.

If you had 100% confident right now how would you act? How would you behave differently to how you behave now? What would your day look like? What would your life look like?

Are you going to live with that constant nagging that you could do more, be more have more? Or are you going to say, “Sod it’! I DESERVE MORE THAN THIS!”

You can’t postpone what you want to do for a day longer. Some people go through their whole lives postponing what they want to do! Do you want that to be you?!

Day 4. Other people part 2 - the good kind of people

This is about surrounding yourself with ‘your’ type of people. They are out there, you just have to connect. It’s also really important to have a role model, or 10, and luckily they are easier to find than ever!

Day 5. Perspective

When you have self-belief you know that nothing really bad will happen to you if you step things up and show your colours. I’m going to show you how only great things will happen!

This is about not aiming to me Blandy McBland-Bland and trying to please everyone (you can’t, so don’t).

We will look at what can happen when you say no to yourself or no to letting your personality shine, or no to your dreams and goals, and what happens when you get perspective on everything and don’t deny yourself the right to be YOU in all your blazing colours!

6. Skilling-up

Sometimes we might lack confidence in business or lives because we simply don’t have the knowledge we need. Knowledge delivers confidence. What area do you need to skill-up in?

7. Get Dedicated

In the final part of the training I’ll teach you how to make everything stick and share my personal ways for making sure my self-confidence ‘sticks’. This is about being able to take a knock to your confidence, but having the skills to recover from it pretty much straight away!

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